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Our Planning Process

How much money will I need to last the rest of my life?  When can I retire?  Am I on track?  Do I need to change or keep my life insurance?  What do I need to do to protect my "nest egg?"  What records to I need to keep?  How does Required Minimum Distribution work? I have heard about Tax Free income during retirement.  How does that work?  Tell me what I need to do differently.

I have been getting questions like these for over twenty-five years.  We have become a subscriber to an award winning web based planning application called Advizr.  Click here to get a very quick overview of where you are using Advizr Express.  

However, we believe that Comprehensive Financial Planning has two components. Everybody knows about the Quantitative side (running the numbers), but what about the Qualitative side?

Couples can provide a different challenge. Think of a jig saw puzzle.  One spouse may clearly envision a certain picture, while the other has a totally different picture in mind altogether.

Our job involves helping you sort out your "box top picture". Suddenly the pieces come alive. Your motivation to get all the pieces organized and working together is greater because there is a vivid picture of what you want to accomplish. As we proceed, our role is to help make sense of the pieces, and assemble the picture you have in mind.

This process can be empowering and life changing. As we seek to understand who you are we will ask many questions. Sometimes our conversations may not involve money at all. By gaining an understanding of your money attitudes, experience, history and personality traits, we will be able to "custom fit" your personal financial plan. Perhaps most important is that you may discover things about yourself that you hadn't realized before. When you know yourself; you understand your choices; and, together, we understand where you want to go, the picture may become very compelling.

Again, comprehensive planning has two parts. The first is Qualitative, and the questions can be seen and printed if you click here. The other, which is the start to a more formal goal based plan, is Quantitative.  You can get started by clicking here.  Do your best, but we are here to help.

We strive to be a holistic firm but with core competencies and with access to a myriad of resources, both documentary and consultants.  

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